Crafting a Majesty Yacht is a remarkable endeavor that goes beyond creating a masterpiece; it embodies an exhilarating journey.
Each vessel radiates its own unique beauty, as our dedicated team of in-house designers and engineers passionately translate your visionary concepts into a tangible reality.
Majesty Yachts sets itself apart as a leading brand in the luxury yacht industry, offering an extensive selection ranging from 62ft to the remarkable 175ft composite superyacht.
Renowned worldwide for its innovative use of composites, exceptional value, and cutting-edge technology, the flagship brand has garnered recognition within the global
yachting community. With a strong presence across Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, boasting a robust network of over 32 dealers,
Majesty Yachts continues to gain popularity among yachting enthusiasts for its unmatched cruising capabilities.
Majesty Yachts impresses with its generous interior volumes, clever design layouts, and collaboration with esteemed designers from Italy, Holland, and the US,
resulting in a yacht-building process that brings your ideas to life with exceptional excellence. Throughout its illustrious history, the superyacht builder has earned a numerous
prestigious industry accolades such as the BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards, the International Yacht & Aviation Awards, World Yacht Trophies Awards,
Asia Boating Awards, to name but a few. These coveted awards span a wide range of categories, including naval architecture, remarkable layout, cutting-edge
contemporary interior design, innovative use of eco-friendly technology, and industry-leading performance.
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Our Yachts

The range of Majesty Yachts – Yacht Collection propels the brand into a new world of yachting.

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Our Superyachts

Majesty Yachts – Superyacht Collection stands distinguished from the vessels in its class.

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History of Dedication

With the current ownership stretching back more than 35 years, Majesty Yachts has been able to draw on its stable history and consistency of vision to create a shipyard that delivers dedication and commitment to every yacht and superyacht it builds.

Majesty History

Engineering and Technology

The continuous investment in engineering and innovative technology has achieved major advances in delivering world-class experience. To bring about such a unique vessel, the engineering application is an era of long standing methodology.

Majesty - Engineering and technology


This dedication and commitment is what drives the team at Majesty Yachts every day to build vessels that reflects true craftsmanship and attention to detail. The final result is truly a piece of art.

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Continuing the rich legacy of the iconic Majesty 175, Majesty Yachts presents the Majesty 160, our second largest and a highly anticipated vessel.
This extraordinary superyacht is a testament to exceptional design, with the acclaimed Cristiano Gatto Design Studio from Italy crafting its stunning aesthetic,
while the world-renowned Van Oosennen Dutch Naval Architects contribute their expertise in naval architecture. 
The manufacturing of this masterpiece takes place at Gulf Craft's cutting-edge facility in the UAE, ensuring the highest standards of construction.
The Majesty 160 marks a significant evolution from its predecessor, the Majesty 155, showcasing a fresh design direction that sets it apart.
Both the Majesty 160 and the Majesty 111, introduced at the Dubai International Boat Show 2023, exemplify the brand's commitment to
the evolution of its designs in distinct and captivating ways, while preserving the cherished Majesty Yachts DNA that our customers know and love.
This remarkable vessel redefines its segment, boasting lavish and contemporary interiors and exteriors meticulously designed with a keen eye for detail.
The seamless integration of outdoor and indoor spaces is flawlessly executed, enhancing the overall sense of luxury and elegance.

Majesty 160